Songs on the Theme of Gratitude

From Gretchen Sleicher’s “
Songs for The Great Turning” web site.

Wonderland by Meganne Forbes – www.MeganneForbes.comGratitude is the ground we start from and come back to. It is a touchstone that is always available to support us, even in grief. Joining our voices in praise and appreciation of life on Earth adds a unique human beauty that the world
needs us to contribute.

S O N G S   W I T H   L Y R I C S   A N D   R E C O R D I N G S

The Simple Praise of Trees, by David Densmore and Gretchen Sleicher

The Beauty of the Dancer, by Sara Thompsen

Let Us See the Beauty
, by Laurence Cole

Oh to be Alive!, by Gretchen Sleicher

Magnificence, by Peter Makena

Unknown Blessings, by Ben Bochner


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