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Tile from the Alhambra
celebrating the spiritual truth of interwovenness

Pope Francis’s Encyclical on Ecology — June 2015

Download the PDF of the Encyclical:  English :: Español :: Française :: Deutsche ::  italiano :: Português :: Arabic :: Polski

10 key excerpts from Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment — Washington Post 6/18/2015

History is Made as Pope Francis’ Encyclical is Presented in the Vatican — America 6/18/2015

The Pope and the Planet (Review of Encyclical by Bill McKibben) — New York Review of Books  8/13/2015

Exploring the Many Dimensions of 
Reverence for Life / Eco-Spirituality / the Great Turning

Five Wings of the Heart Mandala Series outline a set of spiritual practices intended to help a person bring together elements of blessing, prayer, meditation, self-help affirmation, and daily vows. We offer these practices as one possible way of developing the inner strength and calm that will allow us to participate in the mending of the world. We invite everyone to join hands in working strongly and lovingly for a more compassionate and life-friendly world.  

Teams-of-Two: A Model for Personal Unfolding, Citizen Activism and Social Transformation,  explains our vision of organizing our participants into independent supportive pairs.

Companions in the Storm, Companions-in-Blessing   explores twelve of the deeper dimensions of spiritual friendship, in the context of our need to work together to protect the web of life from runaway industrialization. Ecology and biology show us how all life is woven together. But many of us work on the great ecology, peace and justice issues of our time as isolated individuals. The EcoBodhi community is a decentralized network that seeks to encourage the deepening of active, friend-to-friend (mutual support) relationships, rather than the development of passive, follower-to-authority-figure relationships.

Moral Overload and the Resilient Bodhisattva 

The Ecology of Ecology Movements is an evolving blueprint for building a sustainable ecological advocacy and action groups, based on my experiences and struggles campaigning against nuclear weapons for thirty years. I hope this blueprint will help people everywhere build enduring organizations and communities that celebrate and protect the web of life. We are using this blueprint to support the unfolding of the Earth Prayer community.

A Declaration of Interdepedence by Scott Eastham (1987)

Infinity Hidden in a Speck explores the idea of as-yet unrealized resources and abilities hidden in our trillions of cells and their quadrillions of connections.

EcoBodhisattva Meditations and Creative Questions

Twelve Vows in the Eternal Now:
Twelve Eco-Spiritual Openings/Vows/Intentions/Commitments

2019 Revision

Eco-philosopher Joanna Macy on Gratitude as a Revolutionary Act

Humanity’s Phase Shift
An interview with civilization theorist Daniel Schmachtenberger

Daniel Schmachtenberger is a futurist, evolutionary philosopher and strategist, and social engineer. This conversation with David Fuller of Rebel Wisdom looks at the growing civilisation-level crisis that we are beginning to see around us, and looks at what a genuine ‘phase shift’ for human progress might look like. Rebel Wisdom is a platform for the biggest ideas around.

Many-faith resources for ecology/environment/social justice/peace/sustainability

Please note: Inclusion of a work as a resource in our online library is based on our appreciation and gratitude for a person’s contribution to public knowledge, art, spiritual inspiration and/or ecological wisdom and advocacy, and does not indicate knowledge, approval or endorsement of this web site by the person or organization whose works we have included, quoted or referenced.  Neither does it mean that we agree with everything that they have said or written in the course of their lifetimes, or that they agree with everything that we have said and written. 

Books, sermons, speeches of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. one of the outstanding ecological/spiritual thinkers of our time. Her online library of articles and videos will introduction you to her books and her vision of ecological action in our time, “The Work That Reconnects.”  Also see, Joanna Macy and The Work That Reconnects — Exploring A Path Toward Compassionate Resilience . Molly Young Brown teaches Psychosynthesis and Ecospirituality. Her books and essays include insights for finding one’s way in a world that is unraveling.

DharmaGaians a library of eco-spiritual writing by Suzanne Duarte A Buddhist response to global warming. Large library of resources, including “A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change.” The Declaration that presents to the world’s media a unique spiritual view of climate change and our urgent responsibility to address the solutions. It emerged from the contributions of over 20 Buddhist teachers of all traditions to the book A Buddhist Respose to the Climate Emergency. The Time to Act is Now was composed as a pan-Buddhist statement by Zen teacher Dr David Tetsuun Loy and senior Theravadin teacher Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi with scientific input from Dr John Stanley.

Ecoversity , in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a non-profit educational center which explores and demonstrates concepts of sustainable living, ecological design, and responsibility for the wise stewardship of the Earth. Established in 1999, Ecoversity focuses on practices and solutions designed to regenerate the Earth and revitalize the human spirit. Interfaith resources about caring for the environment. The Evangelical Environmental Network

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Conservation Center Catholic Environmental Resources

The Ecozoic Times Allysyn Kiplinger’s blog/magazine/library celebrating “the new era of mutually enhancing Human-Earth relations.”


Nuclear Age Peace Foundation 


Earth Island Institute 

Friends of the Earth 

EarthLight Library 

UN Children’s Fund 

Oxfam UK 

Oxfam USA 

Nonviolent Peace Force 

A World Without Armies 

Cooperative Communication 

Support Geneva Conventions 

Positive Deviance Initiative 


American Friends Service Committee

September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

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