Spirirtual Mentors and Sources of Inspiration

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We give thanks for the extraordinary lives and extraordinary work of each of the people listed below (with more to be added).
Each link leads to a resource page about the person and their work.  As a further expression of respect for the living authors on the list, we wish to note that inclusion of a person and/or their work as a resource in our online library is based on our appreciation and gratitude for a person’s contribution to public knowledge, art, spiritual inspiration and/or ecological wisdom and advocacy, and does not indicate knowledge, approval or endorsement of this web site by the person or organization whose works we have included, quoted or referenced.  (Neither does it mean that we would agree with everything that might appear on their web sites, nor that they would agree with everything that appears on ours.)

A note from the Editor/Librarian,
Dennis Rivers.

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Thank you for helping us serve the Earth and All Her Peoples and Creatures.

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