A Song for Los Alamos

Los Alamos Fire Burns Near Nuclear Weapons Factory
July 2011

set to music by don michael sampson .


“los alamos”


The mountains, the forests, they’re all on fire

No sweet healing rain, situation’s dire

Flames crawling up the canyon, trees burning down

Smoke everywhere, choking the towns

Could be Armageddon, flames getting close

Running down where they built the bomb at Los Alamos


You see the devil moved there before World War II

It was kind of like a hideout, kind of hidden from view

He and his evil henchmen gathered around

To build a bomb that could bring the whole world down

So they worked and they slaved, they knew they were getting close

To the ultimate killing device up at Los Alamos


So they built them a bomb, the atomic kind

They set a small one off, man it did shine

A nuclear sun exploded with mushroom cloud flames

They called it fat boy, that was its’ name

They dropped it on Hiroshima, Nagasaki too

They said it saved democracy, saved me and you

Death and destruction, nothing even comes close

It all came from the town of Los Alamos


I’m writing this song from the mountains nearby

On an early morning, smoke covering up the sky

Flames racing towards tons of nuclear waste

If that blows up, it’s the end of this place

Meanwhile, the devil’s laughing crazy, fanning the flames

Call it karma, just call it insane

I’m sitting straight down wind, is the end getting close

Is it pay back time up in Los Alamos


What goes around comes around, that’s what they say

I guess that’s really true there is no other way

When you play with fire, you’re going to get burned

On this beautiful earth, the lesson’s never learned

By the minds of evil, the minds of death

The devil draws up another killing breath

And leaves behind reminders in every place

They stay burned into the ground, can’t ever erase

What he does here, what he lets loose

And the rest of us, we cannot choose

Pray for each other, pray it’s not a lethal dose

That’s dancing up in the flames of Los Alamos



What do we do to save this place

Deadly poisons trying to kill Mother Nature’s grace

Human voices pleading trying to get through

I’m sure the Lord is weeping, angels crying too

Say a holy prayer, shed your sorrowful tears

For this type of poison last for 10,000 years

If the fire gets knocked down and this place doesn’t blow

There will be a next time, everybody knows

It’s the yin and the yang, the good and the bad

Fighting each other always, it’s so sad

The bad hangs around forever, on it the door you can never close

For future generations, more trouble and woes

Off in the distance sits Los Alamos


So I drink a cup of morning coffee, close the window up

Wrapping nervous hands around my nervous cup

Pray it will be alright, pray it will be ok

That the flames will stop, the smoke will go away

Disaster will be averted, the blue skies will show

As I look twenty miles up the road to Los Alamos


Pueblo warrior raises up his powerful hand

Angry at what has taken place on his sacred land

Again call it karma, call it reaping what you sow

But the truth of all things remain, the truth always shows

And the fire light’s shining harder now, it can’t be slowed

Burning straight up toward the mesa and Los Alamos




written, produced and performed by

Don Michael Sampson

© 2011 Wind in the Trees Music


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